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Light is our brush and the language in which we create. In the core of our lighting work we lay the principles of caring for the environment while highlighting the inner world of our customers. The creation of sensual and comfortable spaces, designed to improve the quality of life, manifests through the interaction with art which emphasizes the principal objects of the interior and its occupants and visitors. We establish the atmosphere and instill the vital force of lighting and shade in spatial diversity.

The original artistic vision, multilateral experience and technical skills of our specialists allow us to create unique lighting solutions. Our team never stops exploring the market in search of new ideas and always accompanies the projects from the beginning to the end. We develop all the technical details and control their implementation on site. We implement the most daring and complex solutions in an original form until our clients receive the desired result, often exceeding expectations.




Our portfolio contains the projects of various complexity and scale from the small private galleries and cafes to the federal museums and food malls, with areas 30,000 sq.m. and more. Every such project is unique and important for us.

Concept design

Prior to the project work, we conduct an extensive research of the space, learning its features, history, and the interactions with the world and people. Next, we produce the idea and project concept, based on that research. We present it in the form which serves the task and the customer best is to be it visualization, mood-board, sketches, lighting schemes, ensuring complete delivery of the idea and realization details.

Mock up

On this stage we stress-test the idea against its physical realization. We select the shapes and surface materials which provide the best interactions with light. We also develop the lighting effects, revealing the concept.

Preliminary & Detailed design

We conduct the necessary lighting calculations of artificial lighting, verify insolation, analyze the natural lighting in the context of the interior. All the outcomes of our research are translated then into the technical drawings, transparent for the engineers and electricians.

Construction work support

We follow the building and construction courses and react on the unexpected changes and corrections in a timely manner, ensuring the original concept delivery.

Set up

The final stage of the work is the lighting scenarios configuration. This means programming the devices to adjust live light directly within the interiour, according to the artistic vision.

Current vacancies

Interested in working with us? Maybe an internship or a team member? We'd love to hear from you. Contact and send us your CV and motivational letter :)


We are the vibrant team of designers, engineers, architects, product managers united to create sensual and comfort light content which is safe for the environment and enhance the quality of life.