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Restaurant-market "Rybtorg"

Address: Trekhprudnyi lane 3

Architect: Megre Interiors

Customer: Ginza Project and Maxim Polzikov

Project period: April 2017 - May 2017


"Rybtorg" combines two concepts. The first hall is a market of industrial type. A large amount of cold bright light fills the space with freshness and coolness, gives a fresh look to fish and seafood on the shelves. The second hall is a restaurant with a long wooden table and a marble bowl filled with ice. The whole ceiling space is covered with gilded ringlet. The lighting is warm, accentuated, glistening and sparkling, and emphasising the golden tones of the ringlet and wooden countertop against the background of the black walls.

Interesting details: Rabiner mesh shelf at the entrance. The cabinet material is matt black steel, which absorbs a lot of light.  Based on this, we decided not only to illuminate the goods on the shelves, but also to illuminate the white brick wall behind the cabinet. Thus, the shelf has turned into a visually light and openworked element of the interior.

A gilded ring ceiling. Working with this interior element is a game with the density of matter, its visual lightness and material heaviness. Light is shimmering and dissolving as softly as a curved canvas of ringlets.

Toilet. The combination of warmth and cold in one space: the ceiling and walls are lit by warm light, and the grid floor combines blue and cold light (6000K). This creates a soft colour transition on the walls, showing a harmonious combination of the two different concepts in "Rybtorg".