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Restaurant "Coffeemania". Sochi

Address: Sochi, Central Maritime Station

Architect: Coffeemania

Customer: Coffeemania

The period of work on the project: April 2018 - June 2018


Coffeemaniya is located in the building of the Sochi seaport, which is an important trading and logistics center on the Black Sea coast, as well as a federal architectural monument. The quay of the seaport is located just 20 meters from the main entrance to the restaurant, which inspired us to create a special light environment. We had a rather non-trivial task, we had to work with street architecture in the interior format. The concept of lighting is the introduction of nature into space. We wanted to capture and spread natural phenomena: moving shadows of trees, sun rays, flickering glare on the water and sunsets. First of all, a map of the movement of the sun was drawn up and zones of high and low illumination during the day were determined by calculating insolation. All developed scenarios are focused on natural lighting and lighting effects. When designing, we faced a number of architectural and technical limitations: the impossibility of installing equipment on the ceiling and cornices, so as not to spoil the ceiling frescoes and stucco and the impossibility of dismantling existing historic lamps. As a result, special mounts were developed with integrated new light sources in the design of existing chandeliers and wall lamps. To create complex colors and dynamic color scenarios in the framework of working with architectural heritage, special light modules with different optics and the RGBW option were developed for the project. Such modules were built into the spherical chandeliers on the coffered ceiling, and were also used to illuminate columns and windows. The suspension of spherical chandeliers is equipped with a compact RGB lamp aimed at the ceiling to illuminate caissons and plaster rosettes. We also developed a comprehensive management system that allows you to fine-tune complex natural colors and color combinations, control modes according to the time of day.