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Restaurant "Butcher's Pie"

Address: 17 New Arbat

Architect: Jana Holikberdieva / Buffalo design

Project period: May 2017 - August 2017


The game with material and colour became the basic principle of work with light in space of restaurant Butcher `s Pie. Cozy atmosphere is constructed on nuances of light and shadow game. Spot accents grab interesting interior details, completing the design.  Soft light spots on tables give to space chamberiness.  Additional accents on gilded screens and a cachepo with flowers emphasize the methods of zoning and create an openwork pattern of decorative objects in the entire interior.

Interesting details: Raw meat showcase is clearly visible to passers-by through the ground floor window. In order not to stress children, women and vegetarians, we have completely flooded the goods with saturated red light. This technique has distinguished the entrance group of the restaurant among a series of monotonous showcases and became an attractive element in its design.
The same effect was used in the restroom. Ceiling lights in the cabins and above the central sink are equipped with a red photofilter, and wall lights with a small lamp with a warm glow of 2700K. In this room, each item has a double colorful shade.

The kitchen work area was lit locally to maintain a low level of vertical illumination. This method is necessary to ensure that the bright light from the open kitchen does not press over the soft light in the evening.  The cook goes into the shade every time he leaves the workplace and becomes almost invisible to visitors in the hall.