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Office in the "Platforma" business center


Area: 220 square meters. 

The period of work on the project: January 2017 - August 2017


Concept: The main idea in the design of the space was the purity of the architecture, so we repelled from minimalistic forms, paying more attention to the lighting effect, when choosing equipment.
The lighting of desktops is realized with the help of suspended linear lamps, each of them is individually dimmed to create the optimal lighting environment for each of the employees.
The common space is illuminated by ceiling lights with a wide opening angle. The geometry of the location is calculated in such a way as to illuminate the hall, but not select elements along its perimeter.

The meeting room is equipped with a linear lamp capable of shining down and up, as well as decorative lighting behind the frame's metalwork. This solution allows you to combine different types of lighting, which increases the number of options for light scenarios to create the optimal environment for work and negotiation.

Lines of luminaires around the perimeter of the room solve two tasks: functional lighting of shelves with literature and documents and a design solution for allocating a volume of space.

The decisions of the architect in the selection of materials and geometric shapes were supported by light. Thus, the embossed concrete wall looks especially impressive in evening lighting, when the shape of the wall itself and the texture of the concrete stand out. Plants in tubs are highlighted by light with a neutral color temperature, emphasizing the richness of the green. Stairs are illuminated from the inside and are supplied in a contraction pattern, while the illumination on the steps is achieved due to reflected light.

The central element is a suspended swing in the center of the hall, highlighted by accent lighting from the ceiling.