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"100 relics of Russian statehood" exhibition. New Manege

Address: 3, St. George's Lane 

Architect: NOWADAYS office 

Customer: New Manege / State Archives of the Russian Federation 

Project period: January - February 2018 


Three exhibition halls have different themes, types of showcases, and color design. To emphasize this diversity, we have selected certain lighting techniques for each type of exhibition. 

In hall A "100 rarities" the light picture consists of three components: 

1. Adjustable illumination of numerous niches with archival documents. The lighting of the exhibits was displayed in accordance with generally accepted standards. 

2. Soft reflected light in the central part of the hall for the required level of overall illumination. 

3. Slanting accents on the decorative panels of the archive blocks. The method is used to offer the visitor to enter small spaces with projections located between the exposition blocks. 

Hall B "Private offices" includes two halls where furniture and personal belongings are exhibited. For this reason, a special light volume was created in each large showcase. Wide accents create a general unevenness in the reconstructed cabinets, as it happens in natural light. Narrow accents distinguish the main exhibits, pulling them to the foreground due to the contrast. 

Hall B "New archive" - a system of closed halls with projections also includes one hall with documents and photos. Adjustable luminaires in pendant showcases and a linear luminaire of individual manufacture in the black hall provides the necessary illumination and does not go beyond the designated hall, which does not interfere with the work of projections. 

As a final touch, the corridors of Halls B and C have been enriched with accents sliding along the decorative panels, like the reception in Hall A. This gave the exhibition a visual commonality and completeness.